Zimbabwe Birds

Zimbabwe Birds

Zimbabwe has over 650 bird species and is an excellent birding destination. Although there are no endemic birds, several near-endemics can be found in the globally important Eastern Zimbabwe Mountains Endemic Bird.

Area (EBA) and many migratory birds are present from November to April. Overall the general number of birds that can be seen in Zimbabwe is remarkable.

Notable birds are:


Black-headed oriole



Livingstone's turaco




Carmine bee-eater





Southern yellow-billed hornbill



Greater painted snipe



White-faced duck




Near Endemics include:


Briar warbler


Melodious lark


Chirinda apalis


Swee waxbill


Gurney's sugarbird


Swynnerton's robin


Lemon-breasted canary


Woodwards's batis


Other birding specials are:


African pitta


Cabanis's bunting

Southern hyliota


African skimmer


Buff-spotted flufftail

Southern pied babbler


Arnot's chat


Cinnamon-breasted tit

Spotted creeper


Ayre's hawk-eagle


Pennant-winged nightjar

Stripe cheek greenbul


Blue-mantled crested flycatcher

Racket-tailed roller

Swamp nightjar


Boulder chat


Red-faced crombec

Verreaux's eagle-owl


Bradfield's hornbill


Red-throated twinspot

White-breasted cuckoo-shrike


Bronze-winged courser


Robert's prinia


Bronzy sunbird


Rufous-bellied tit


Best time for bird watching is during the rainy season and summer from October to April. Many birds are resident and breed in Zimbabwe throughout the year, but the summer residents come to breed before migrating north in winter to other parts of Africa and the visitors who come mostly from Eurasia during the summer months before migrating north to breed.

The Eastern Highlands are well-known birding hotspots, but most National Parks including Mana Pools, Hwange and Matobo National Parks have a very rich birdlife.